It finally happened! You are about to sign that last page that officially confirms that you are a homeowner.  Feelings of joy rush throughout your body and you can’t wait to walk into the place you can now call home.

There’s a saying “You Are Where You Live.” Everyone would like to move into a house that’s in a nice neighborhood with little to no crime, great schools within a wonderful community but; what happens when you move into your home and you learn that your new neighbors have already overextended the boundaries. “

“Native Gardens is a Hilarious New Comedy”

Native Gardens is a funny new comedy by Playwright Karen Zacarias about two couples with different ethnic backgrounds that become neighbors. Things start off cordial and they even seem to be on one accord when they both agreed that an unsightly chain link fence needs to go; however, that is when the pleasantries end and friendly neighbors become frenemies.

The play gets downright into the soil of the issue when the neighbors discover that their gardens are at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to presentation. The older couple Frank Butley (Patrick Clear) and Virginia Butley (Janet Ulrich Brooks) who has lived in the neighborhood for years are well known for their English style award winning garden; while the new neighbors Tania Del Valle (Paloma Nozicka) and Pablo Del Valle (Gabriel Ruiz) has a great idea to enhance their backyard as a Native Garden.

Although Tania is very convincing about all of the benefits that a Native Garden will offer such as saving water, low maintenance, pesticide freedom, wildlife viewing and supporting local ecology the idea still wreaks havoc with their older neighbors because they want to know why anyone would knowingly want to attract bugs to their garden.

Their differences only get worse when Pablo makes a decision to add a new wooden fence and after reviewing their deed he finds out that their neighbor’s backyard extends over their property line. Pablo tries to explain this to Frank however, he’s traumatized by the news, accuses Pablo and Tania of calling them thieves and a native-gardens-4fight ensues over precious real estate between their backyards. Needless to say, things getout of control and Frank and Virginia decide not to take the news about the property line sitting down; actually, that’s exactly what they do.

When one neighbor’s desire to please his boss conflicts with another neighbor wanting to please the counsel with his award winning garden, a war of words begins and the two couples learn how one day can dramatically affect them being neighbors.

Playwright Karen very poignantly writes about how one neighbor thinking that the neighbor is taking more than they deserve can quickly spiral out of control turning their newly friendship into a war of isms, racism, sexism and ageism; not to mention privilege.

Director Marti Lyons brought to life this colorful play of how a neighborly feud of friends can become enemies when issues of property boundaries and taste come to surface.

This very insightful play examines what happens when people come from different cultures and is faced with entitlement and class as well as different purposes and opinions. It’s witty dialogue delightfully pokes fun at how we can become extremely desensitized with our lack of decorum by being so polarized with our own viewpoints. You can say that in the real world something like this doesn’t or shouldn’t happen but actually it’s a common scenario that happens more than you think.

“The Carol Burnett of Theater Comedy”

We favorably recommend this play because you will find yourself hysterically laughing!!

The cast of Native Gardens includes

Patrick Clear (Frank Butley),

Paloma Nozicka (Tania Del Valle),

Gabriel Ruiz (Pablo Del Valle)

Janet Ulrich Brooks (Virginia Butley).

Victory Gardens Theater presents

The Chicago Premier of                                                      

Native Gardens

By Karen Zacarías

Directed by Marti Lyons

June 2 – July 2, 2017