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GOODMAN Theater Presents
March 11- April 16, 2017
Writer: Karen Zacarias
Directed By: Jose’ Luis Valenzuela

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Pilar Esperanza Castillo/Nurse 2 (Esperanza America)
Hortencia del Rio (Elisa Bocanegra)
Sebastian Jose Castillo/Paramedic 1/Cop 1(Eduardo Enrikez)
Sister Sonia (Evelina Fernandez)
Dr. Diego Mendoza/Paramedic 2/Cop 1 (Fidel Gomez)
Armando Castillo (Castulo Guerra)
Dr. Jorge Ramiro Mendoza/Casino Dealer/Cop (Ricardo Gutierrez)
Fabiola Castillo (Ruth Livier)
Ernesto del Rio (Mauricio Mendoza)
Victoria Maria del Rio/Nurse 1 (Ella Saldana North)
Augustin Lara, Jr./Pianist (Rosino Serrano)

On a stormy night in a Mexican hospital, two baby girls are born—one into a life of privilege, the other into poverty. But when the girls are deliberately swapped, the stage is set for two outrageous misfortunes to grow into one remarkable destiny.

Brenda’s Review:
This was the most fun that I ever had at a play “Destiny of Desire” took us on a journey through the lens of the Latin American telenovela, with high drama and explosive comedy, where we explored informative data regarding race, gender, class, and politics with a provocative twist on the Goodman stage.

“Destiny of Desire” was set in Bellarica, Mexico, a prosperous desert town with casinos, hotels, parks, restaurants and a great disparity of wealth. The rich live near the Zocalo (center of town) and the poor live far on the outskirts.

This all –Latino cast was loaded with passion, deception, forbidden love and never ending energy. Destiny and Desire was full of laughter intrigue and mystery. Lives were separated, torn apart and joined back together 18 years later.

I didn’t know what to make of the opening scene but I was so intrigued how it was played out that by the second scene I was curious to see what was going to happen next. Due to the great directing of “the play-within-the-play” structure, it gave way to a great plot which got me hooked.

This ingenious way of telling a story entertained me with the opportunity to learn more about the primary and secondary characters. This concept took the play in different directions to a deeper level of success with the possibility of changing storylines.

“Destiny of Desire” played with my expectations with something vibrant, new and fresh. It was different and it sounded different from the casting to the storytelling, to the music.
I am now curious to watch a telenovela because I love how the plots move so fast within the storyline.

“Destiny of Desire” is an act of rebellion, an act of heritage, and an act of joy. Even though it started out as being very funny, heightened by certain situations, by the end of the play I found myself caring for the fate of the characters.

This play totally surprised me who knew that lust…betrayal…and jealousy could have such a deep meaning of the truth!!!

I gave it 5 stars.

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