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For The LOVE of Theater Month

Victory Garden Theater presents
The World Premier of
A Wonder In My Soul
Written by ensemble playwright Marcus Gardley
Directed by Artistic Director Chay Yew

February 10-March 12, 2017

The cast of A Wonder In My Soul includes Linda Bright Clay (First Lady), Donica Lynn (Paulina Young Bell), Greta Oglesby (Aberdeen Calumet), Jeffrey Owen Freelon Jr. (Lafayette), Camille Robinson (Normal Beverly, Young Birdie) and Jacqueline Williams (Bell Grand Lake).

Synopsis: Longtime hair salon owners Bell and Birdie grapple with the decision to remain in their beloved Southside neighborhood or relocate under the pressure of gentrification and crime. Told through music, poetry, and dance A Wonder in My Soul looks at one neighborhood’s evolution through the eyes of two best friends and their lifetime of friendship. 

Brenda’s Review: Ladies I have a play just for you. A Wonder In My Soul is about sisterhood music and some awesome hair; whatever your hair choice natural, permed, braided, dyed or weaved Belle and Birdie the owners of the beauty salon can maintain your precious style while taking you on a journey that flashbacked 30 years.

Although we have a love- hate experience for going to our favorite salon sometimes in the case of Bell and Birdie the hate part was the calamity going on right outside their salon door and sometimes the long hours to achieve that stylish look.
Aahh…but the love “A Wonder In My Soul” served up was well worth the wait. These (2) songbirds made you feel like family and not just a client, the love of going to their salon came with 5 heavy hitters that ALL women can appreciate.

1. We love to be pampered and have someone else work out our tresses.
2. We get to catch up on the latest gossip.
3. We get to hear great music.
4. It’s quite therapeutic for our soul.
5. We get to escape from reality for a couple of hours and relax.

A Wonder In My Soul gave us nostalgic twist and a dose of reality of the wonders of owning a beauty salon in a time of trials and struggles.

I gave this play stars because of the way it made me feel. It was like I knew the owners of the salon and we shared a sisterhood that spanned over 3 decades.

This play was so relatable and the characters were so convincing. I actually visualized myself sitting at the wash bowl anticipating the great wash. The poetry and singing were phenomenal with the history of the transition of our many hair styles and our
many battles that we are faced with in life.

A Wonder In My Soul is right on time for Black History month and is one of my all- time favorites!

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