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Writers Theatre presents
The Scene
Written by Theresa Rebeck
Directed by Kimberly Senior

February 22- April 2, 2017

The cast of The Scene includes: Charin Alvarez (Stella), La Shawn Banks (Lewis), Mark L. Montgomery (Charlie) and Deanna Myers (Clea).

Synopsis: What starts off with an amusing exchange at a hip Manhattan party quickly turns into something more complex. When close friends Charlie and Lewis meet Clea, a determined young woman making her mark on the New York scene, it sets them off on an emotional roller coaster.

Brenda’s Review: The Scene is a provocative comedy-drama that will definitely take you to the dark side of commitments in relationships in a marriage or between close friends when it comes to struggles of balancing authenticity with ambition.

When you put people together that is toxic at the opposite spectrum of life there’s bound to be a self-destruction outcome in the mix!

Take for instance Charlie who is an actor that became overwhelmed with self-loathing right around the moment he turned 40. He fears and dreads the fact that he is not a megastar actor and he blames it on the dry spell he is experiencing.

Unfortunately, Charlie knows that he is depended on his own talent and courage to do his work. He finds a distraction from reality by drinking too much alcohol. This eventually leads him into resenting as he calls it “Too Perfect” wife (Stella) and how life seems effortlessly for her in her career.

Charlie is going through a “Mid-Life Crisis” and realizes that the business that he is in can be cruel and is assaulting every shred of his dignity and personal pride.

On the opposite end of this spectrum, Charlie and his friend Lewis meets the 20 something Clea at a party who is unthinking and sure of herself, who sees the world as surreal and will let you know at the drop of a hat that her mother is an alcoholic. Even with her dismal reality of life, she wants to make her mark on life whatever way she can while she is living in New York.

The two men engage in some weird conversation with Clea with one thing on their mind that does not include her talking. Although what seemed as though the attraction was going one way with Lewis eventually shifts directions towards Charlie. Clea who has her own agenda in mind for Charlie helps him with a different form of distraction until the money train stops.

This collision of two lives destructively tears down everything in its path like a quick hitting tornado from Charlie’s marriage to his friendship with Lewis. If one is not careful and does not have enough faith to believe that things will change for the better they will continue to see life passing them by and continue to feel that they have been overlooked.

The Scene is a good play that displays the human emotion at its best and how the human terror of being insignificant in life can break one’s spirit.

The director (Kimberly Senior) brought this raw adulterated play to life with explicit scenes of one’s life unraveling at full speed.

Check it out at Writers Theatre 325 Tudor Court, Glencoe IL. This is a beautiful art deco design theater.

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