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Let’s Stay Together Talk has a treat for you if you like “Historical Plays” this period play is set in the fantastically lively roaring 20’s in the Harlem Renaissance era.
Court Theatre presents
Blues for an Alabama Sky
By Pearl Cleage
Directed by Ron OJ Parson

Blues for an Alabama Sky part of Harlem Renaissance Celebration in Hyde Park

January 12 – February 12, 2017

The cast of Blues for an Alabama Sky includes Celeste M. Cooper (Delia), James Vincent Meredith (Sam), Sean Parris (Guy), Toya Turner (Angel) and Geno Walker (Leland).

Synopsis: In the midst of the Great Depression, the creative spirit of New York’s Harlem Renaissance struggles with harsher realities. Angel and Guy, emerging artists with grand dreams, live next door to the more serious and political Delia, a social worker with the goal to open a community family planning clinic. Each must face their own hardships head on, but always with hope for a better life close at hand. They search for a way to keep their dreams of love, career, and service alive in times of economic despair, and they learn that the Great Depression can’t destroy the
source of their creative spirit.

Brenda’s Review: I loved this historical play. It was riveting, moving and electrifying set on a background with and upbeat swing, spiraling slowly in a downward period. It flowed like a movie LIVE on stage. It was a lengthy performance but well worth the anticipation of the climax because the actors were so convincing in their delivery. You actually felt like you were reliving the experience with them because of the journey the characters took you on.

Blues for an Alabama Sky captures the Harlem Renaissance Experience! Set in Harlem during an era between the end of World War I and the Great Depression when Harlem became a center for the cultural, social, and artistic explosion. The Harlem Renaissance generated an amazing group of artists such as Langston Hughes (American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, columnist and leader of the Harlem Renaissance in New York City) along with other writers, actors, black poets, novelists, singers, bandleaders, intellectuals and political forces. This was the cultural movement of the 1920’s. It is now known as “The First Great Migration!”

This play is about REACTIONS….reactions to when people were in an opportunistic moment making phenomenal work such as the characters Angel, Guy and Delia…but when the stock market crashed a lot of that money dried up and lots of artists were experiencing horrific times just to make ends meet; especially black artists. Blues for an Alabama Sky offers up tons of passion when one’s hope and artistry has withered away. Angel (The blues singer) reacts out of fear, Delia (The social worker) acts out of determination and Guy (The fashion designer) response is to pursue a moment beyond the present, and to become a citizen of the world!

Although the characters react totally differently during their time of despair they had one common goal and that was to flourish during a time where everything around them was diminishing.

Two Thumbs Up…this play is a MUST-SEE!

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